Sylvia Fein

Sylvia Fein 1919-   United States

Born in Milwaukee in 1919, Sylvia Fein received her undergraduate degree in art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Under the tutelage of Marshall Glasier, Fein, along with classmates John Wilde and Karl Priebe, evolved a distinctive style that was influenced by Surrealism while invoking natural, personal and regional concerns in an innovative way. From early on, Fein’s work began receiving national attention. In 1942, she married William Scheuber, but they were soon separated by World War II. Shortly after he was deployed to the Pacific theater, Fein moved to Mexico, where she remained until 1946. While there, her paintings were transformed by the separation from her husband and the war, and the region’s landscape and culture. This body of work was shown in a solo exhibition in 1947 at Perls Gallery in New York. Post war Fein would settle in California with her husband. Although her paintings are always informed by Surrealism, she has turned away from the narrative fantasies of that early period to a more directed study of the natural and mystical world.

1949 Portrait of Anna and Lawrence Halprin- Egg Tempera on Panel

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