Walter Quirt-Revolutions Unseen-Catalog- 48pgs with forward by Peter Selz and essay by Travis Wilson.

$30.00 usd

Quirt Catalog

2 thoughts on “Catalog

  1. I have one of the catalogs, it was sent to me by your office as Walter was my grand father. I was never able to meet him, as he died before I was born in December of 1969. I learned a lot about him from the pages of you catalog, and wanted to thank you for sending each of the family members a copy. I have never known much about the man, other than the little bits I got from my father, Peter, and my now deceased grand mother.
    Thank you. I hope the show goes very well for you.
    Aaron Quirt

    1. Aaron, You’re welcome. The pleasure is mine. Walter was the real deal, truly a radical. There was a time when being an artist meant appealing to a higher standard. You had to be talented, you had to work hard and you had to have a vision and point of view that you were willing to risk everything for. You’re Grandfather was all those things. If you need more catalogs let me know.
      Travis Wilson

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